At Rock and Armor, we take pride in the quality of care our patients receive through chiropractic services.  Dr. Tweedt is skilled in chiropractic treatment of the entire body necessary to get you back to being your old self again.  We place an emphasis on "hands on" manipulations, manual therapy, and modalities when appropriate.  Our care includes, but is not limited to:

-Chronic Injuries

-Sports-Related Inuries

-Spine related injuires

-Back and Neck Injuries

-Work-Related Injuries

-Overuse Injuries


-Integrative Dry Needling


-Custom Foot orthotic fitting

-Gait and Balance Training

-Motor Vehicle Accidents

-Radicular Pain

-School sports physicals

* Denotes when deemed appropriate by the treating Physical Therapist

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Does insurance cover Chiropractic care?
A- Health insurance generally covers chiropractic treatment. However, each insurance plan is different, and you should contact your insurance carrier and inquire about chiropractic benefits. Please contact our staff to see if we accept your plan.

Q- Do you accept credit cards?
A- Yes, we accept cash, checks, and credit cards.

Q- Do you order x-rays of my spine.
A- During your initial visit, Dr. Tweedt will determine if imaging of your spine is necessary.  If deemed appropriate, he will order imaging at a local imaging center.

Q- How long will my appointments be?
A- Your first appointment will take approximately 45 minutes. You should plan to arrive 15 minutes early in order to complete the new patient paperwork. Please bring your insurance card. You should also wear  comfortable clothing. Dr. Tweedt will take a detailed medical history and evaluate your specific condition with objective tests and measurements. Follow up visits are approximately 15-30 minutes long.