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    At Rock and Armor, we take pride in the quality of care our patients receive through our physical therapy services in Meridian, ID. We are skilled in a myriad of Orthopedic, Sports, and Post-Surgical care required to get you back to being your old self again. We place an emphasis on "hands-on" manual therapy, functional movement patterns, corrective exercises, and modalities when appropriate. Our Sports Medicine training and background allow us to set ourselves apart from other physical therapists by providing the dynamic care and advanced rehabilitation techniques necessary to return to play at the highest level.

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    Meridian Physical Therapy

    We utilize the latest equipment and technology in our clinic to help you get the results you need!


    Game Ready and Recovery Boots

    Vasopneumatic Ice and compression to move fluid, aide removal of excessive fluid, and help with pain control.

    Mtrigger Biofeedback

    Mtrigger offers the latest technology in muscle EMG biofeedback with real time feedback about your muscles contractile activity. Rock and Armor utilizes this tool post-surgically and with chronic conditions to maximize volitional muscle contraction.

    Blood Flow Restriction (BFR Training)

    We utilize B-Strong BFR bands to improve muscle hypertrophy in a safe-impact free capacity. Whether you are post-surgical, have chronic atrophy, or tendinopathies, BFR is a great modality to boost strength gains.

    Vibration Therapies

    You will absolutely love the way your muscle feel after using the Hypervolt or Vyper on your sore muscles. These vibration therapy techniques knock down adhesions and trigger points, allowing your muscles to activate through a pain free range.

    Elevate Jump

    Get your jump on with this incredible plyometric device. Whether you are returning to squatting, or jumping, this machine can ease you back into the process with multiple levels and resistances.


    Test your reaction time, speed, fast twitch muscle fibers, and asymmetries with this unique piece of equipment. Rock and Armor possesses the only quickboard in the state of Idaho. Challenge a friend to a quick feet competition, measure your leg asymmetries following surgery, or simply track your progress with objective measurements using the Quickboard!

    Running Form Analysis

    we utilize video analysis to break down your running form, and then implement necessary corrective exercises to allow you to run as efficient as possible.

    Dry Needling

    Functional Dry Needling is a powerful modality utilized at Rock and Armor to treat a myriad of injuries. Sterile, tiny monofilament needles are inserted into muscles to reduce trigger point activity, release shortened bands of tissue, and promote new blood flow and healing to the site of injury. Physical Therapist at Rock and Armor have been trained in Functional Dry Needling through Kinetacore and meet all of the requirements of the State of Idaho to perform this treatment.

    Therapeutic Cupping

    cupping is a great modality to loosen muscle tissue and increase circulation/blood flow to a specific area. The suction of the cup lifts the layers of dermis and fascia away from muscle. Blood in brought to the surface of the skin, allowing new blood to come in below and “flush” the area, creating an environment for optimum healing.

    Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation

    We utilize Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES) to contract a muscle that is not properly firing. This procedure is commonly utilized following surgery when nerve conduction has been compromised from excessive edema, tournicate during the procedure, and disuse. NMES is utilized until normal muscle recruitment is achieved.

    Y-Balance Test

    The Y-Balance test helps athletes compare strength, balance, and coordination of their right lower extremity vs left lower extremity following injury or surgical procedures. A score of 5 or more cm’s can indicate significant muscle imbalance that requires further care.

    Joint Manipulations (HVLAT’s)

    Joint manipulations, or high velocity/low amplitude thrusts (HVLAT) are an effective treatment for hypombile or “stuck” joints of the spine. These manipulations can improve neural conductivity, joint space, and release of endorphins, allowing a decrease in pain and an improvement in mobility.

    Concussion Rehab

    - Concussion rehab program is designed to help you get back to doing what you love. We are certified through Evidence in Motion’s (EIM) Concussion Certification Program to diagnose symptoms, treat your concussion, and evaluate your ability to return to work/sport. We work closely with your physician, athletic trainer, employer, and school to achieve the best possible outcomes.

    Core Stix

    The core Stix is an incredible machine that allows you to activate and build your core musculature in the standing position. There are numerous positions and resistance levels to help you get that deep burn in your core, hips, and back musculature.


    Augmented Soft Tissue Mobilization, or ASTYM, is an extremely effective manual therapy technique used to mobilized collagen and myofibrils associated with pain and injury. This technique is effective for trigger points, tendonitis, tendinosis, chronic soft tissue injuries, and overuse injuries.

    Olympic Lifting Assessment

    We utilize video analysis to break down form and find “sticking points” in you squat and Olympic lifts. We are then able to implement proper corrective exercises to mobilize tissue and maximize joint mobilization.

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    Health insurance generally covers physical therapy treatment. However, each insurance plan is different, and you should contact your insurance carrier and inquire about physical therapy benefits. Please contact our staff to see if we accept your plan.
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